Homeroom Parent Resources

Welcome Wolf Creek Homeroom Parents!

The Wolf Creek PTA would like to thank you for volunteering to be a Homeroom Parent. We appreciate your support and all the hard work you do. You are our link to every classroom at Wolf Creek.

If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas please feel free to contact Tammie Thomas at tammyjohn82@hotmail.com.  

We value your input and truly appreciate for all you do!

Thank you for being a Homeroom Parent!!


Important Notes to Remember:

  • If your classroom is working on a special project that you feel should be recognized, please notify Whitney Guthmann or at president@wolfcreekpta.com and a blurb can be placed in the PTA newsletter.
  • Also, please remember to take pictures or have another parent take pictures at all class events and promptly submit them to the memory book website (users must create a profile before uploading photos).  Or, Contact the Memory Book Chairperson: Tracy Martin
  • Please use the  "Hotline" sheet in your HRP folders to call other class parents to ask for any donations that are needed.    You, as a homeroom parent are not expected, nor should you cover the entire expense of a party or event on your own.
  • Always collaborate with the teacher on how they want to conduct parties, activities or any correspondence to be sent home, classroom needs and things you can do to make their daily routine easier.  For parties, ALWAYS check with the teacher to see if any food allergies. All food items MUST be purchased in the store and be pre-packaged.
  • Any Fliers for parties etc. being sent home need to be first sent to Kara Hartman--1st VP Homeroom Parents for approval. If it is a ONE page flier, at the bottom of the page this disclaimer must be on the flier "BAPS does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, disability, marital status or age.


Party and Event Flyer Examples:

In an effort to help make party and event flyers easier, we have included a few examples below.  If you would like to add to this list please email your flyer to us.  Please note...these are examples and may not contain the most current date/times.

Fall Festival

Fall Festival Signup



Thanksgiving and Fall

Thanksgiving Feast

Fall Party



Holiday Party

Holiday Wish List

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Party

Valentine's Party Heart


Wish List

Wish List - Star

Wish List - Words

Thank You

Thank you - Owl

Thank you - Note