Why Get Involved

Why should I get involved?

Besides generally increasing your own child's odds of succeeding at school, there are a myriad of benefits to joining the PTA. 

  • You'll gain a greater understanding of broad educational issues. How will the No Child Left Behind act affect your child's school? When will your child take standardized tests? Discover answers and discuss opinions on these questions and many other important matters. 
  • You'll improve teacher morale. When teachers feel connected and appreciated by the community, they are more invested in their students performance and are happier and more enthusiastic about their work. 
  • You'll be up-to-date on what's going on at school. Not only will you know when school events are happening, you'll also learn about new staff, student accomplishments, new rules, budgets, and changes in curriculum. 
  • You'll help improve schools for all students. Research done by the PTA and other groups shows that when the community gets involved in its schools, the schools get better. Not only will you be part of group that is committed to making your local school stronger and safer, but you will also join a national chorus that says that it is important that every child gets the chance to thrive at school and at home. 
  • You can influence important decisions. You will get to vote on how PTA-raised funds are allocated, suggest new projects, and voice your opinion on issues affecting your child, like how to create a drug-free community or what should be covered in school health programs. It is a great way to let administrators and politicians hear what you have to say about today's issues, from funding for the arts to national standards to preventing violence in schools.


How do I Get Involved___________________________

  •  Join PTA! Membership is only $8 per person. Anyone over 18 can join- neighbors, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends!  Our school PTA keeps $3.50 of these funds to use towards sponsored events.
  •  Fall Festival requires EVERYONE’s support (and remember it keeps us from selling items door to door!). Each class will have a basket theme for the auction- PLEASE bring items for the class basket! Or, if it is easier for you, you may donate to your class basket fund online at www.wolfcreekpta.com or send a check payable to Wolf Creek PTA and the homeroom moms will shop for you.
  •  Sign up to work a 75 minute shift at Fall Festival. It takes everyone to make this “FUN”Draiser a success. Each classroom needs at least 5-7 volunteers!!!!!!!!!
  •  Volunteers are critical for the success of Fall Festival AND the other programs. A small donation of your time will make a BIG difference for our school! Volunteers will also be needed to operate Book Fair, Spring Testing, Super Kids Days, Cafeteria & Recess duty.
  •  If there is something you want to do to help out, that you have special job training, experience or a passion for, (such as marketing, decorating, arts & crafts, making signs or baking) OR, you want to help but have children at home…let us know because there are many things that PTA can use your talents toward while you are still at home with your other children.  

    Thank You for Your Support!